Theatre De Kom

Theater De Kom

With over 3500 meter of TDE LED lighting, sustainability has been a key element of Theatre de Kom's amibitious renovation. Alongside the transparent facade RGB4230 LED modules have been installed to create a stunning dramatic effect and increase the spatial perception of the foyers. To illuminate the foyers a special lighting plas was developed. Warm white M4242 LED modules are applied as cove lighting and are vertically integrated to create a playful wooden "wall of light". Due to this specially developed lighting scheme no additional LED lighting was needed. Onubtrusively placed warm white M4242 LED modules are also fitted in the coves of the main auditorium to create a spectaculair effect while rendering other general room lighting unnecessary.



The unique modular design of LED products gives lighting designers and architects unprecedented flexibility in the implementation of each project. Together with our clients we realized these challenging projects.



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