HOFtheater Raalte

Like many others, The HOFtheater in Raalte has also chosen the Moodspot as lighting for its theater hall. The theater has an amphitheater hall, which is characterized by its oval shape, and is therefore called “the Carré of Salland”. The theater, with 300 seats, is located on the grounds of the Zwolse Poort, which is an Institute for Mental Healthcare. The theater was opened in 1970 as part of a psychiatric hospital and was intended for integration projects of its patients.

Rolight has fitted the round theater hall with the Moodspots. This special LED spotlight from TDE-lighttech has become extremely popular among theaters. This is not only due to the many advantages of LED, such as energy-saving, but the Moodspot has several specific features that make an application for theatres particularly interesting.

The Moodspot was developed by TDE-lighttech with the goal of enabling end-users to create a unique ambiance This spot not only has a considerably better light distribution but is also very flexible in use because each spot can be controlled individually, due to integrated IZI link drivers. However, the Moodspot can also be controlled as a 2-channel spot, which makes it possible to control colour temperature and light intensity separately. In addition, this LED spot is unique since it can dim perfectly (smooth and flicker-free) to 0%. Halogen lighting is believed as the perfect mood creator because during dimming the colour temperature gets warmer. The Moodspot is one of the few, if not the only one, that can perfectly embrace the black body curve and therefore simulate halogen style dimming.

TDE-lighttech is extremely proud to help more and more theaters with their auditorium or theater hall lighting and hopes to be able to enrich many more theaters within the near future. Rolight has once again done a great job, and, once again it is proven that LED can help create the desired atmosphere, better ease of use and higher durability.

Curious about the specifications of this special product? Then click on the Moodspot TW2000.


Pictures: Rolight

Lighting Installer: Rolight

Once again it is proven that LED can help create the desired atmosphere, better ease of use and higher durability

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