De Oosterpoort Groningen

With the Moodspots from TDE-lighttech, De Oosterpoort in Groningen has control over the brightness and color temperature of its lightning in every part of its large auditorium.

In 1971 the construction of De Oosterpoort begun, at the location that then served as a cattle market area in the De Oosterpoort district. The new building served as a music center and took over the role of being the home for the Northern Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (later the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra) from De Harmonie, which had to be demolished. De Oosterpoort has been the most important music building in Groningen and the surrounding area since 1973. In addition to the concerts of the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, the Eurosonic Noorderslag and various other concerts and performances are also held at this location.

The large auditorium, with its 1150 seats, has been struggling with poor acoustics since the opening and was therefore completely redesigned in 2013. For example, new seats, air treatment, and better acoustic walls for classical music and amplified music were introduced. After the complete renovation, it was the turn of the lighting to get an upgrade

The lighting of the auditorium consisted out of 116 halogen lamps placed in between the sound reflectors, the disadvantage of this was that vibrations caused a lot of failing lighting sources. In addition, the light output of this lighting on the floor was too low, which resulted in adverse consequences for, among other things, the cleaning and safety work. De Oosterpoort had asked Lichtpunt Theatertechniek for a sustainable lighting solution that brings more brightness to replace the existing halogen lighting.

The Moodspot TW2000 from TDE-lighttech proved to be a solution. This LED spot can not only be dimmed perfectly but also preserves the so-called amber drift during dimming. In other words, the light color gets warmer as the spot is dimmed. This way the characteristics of halogen light are imitated. Irrespective of the height of the ceiling, the desired level brightness is achieved at every location by using different lenses for the LED spots.

The total of 116 Moodspots can each be individually controlled by a built-in IZI-link LED driver. Lichtpunt Theatertechniek has designed a custom ring so that the Moodspots could be placed in the existing housings.

TDE-lighttech is very proud of the result that has been achieved, partly thanks to Lichtpunt Theatertechniek. We are convinced that our products do not only contribute to creating the desired atmosphere but also provide practical benefits.


Pictures: Lichtpunt Theatertechniek

The Moodspot TW2000 can not only be dimmed perfectly but also preserves the so-called amber drift during dimming

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