Concerthall Bruges

TDE-Lighttech for Belgium’s largest concerthall

Piet de Meester – Facilities coordinator of Concerthall Bruges says: We are very pleased with the new LED-lighting, it is elegant and discreet. We no longer have to stock and replace lamps. But above all we are happy with the flexibility that the new lighting installation offers us.

The result is stunning! A very sustainable modern lighting installation that not only saves considerably on power consumption, but also offers sustainability in terms of reuse of materials, such as the existing pendant luminaires in the chamber music hall and the studio, and the reuse of the existing cabling in the large concert hall through TDE-Lighttech's IZI link system in where the control data runs over the existing power lines.


How did we get there?

Our distributor in Belgium (resp. Controllux Bvba)  was asked to come up with a lighting solution for three halls of The Concerthall in Bruges. ‘We started the project together with system integrator Inytium.

Inytium is a Turn Key system integrator, based in Nivelles, and main contractor for this project.’

Guillame Canart - Sales Manager at Inytium says "We chose to complete the public tender with the spots from TDE-Lighttech, because of the quality and the unique control (where the data runs over the existing power cables) on the one hand, and the pleasant relationship with Controllux on the other.

In order to approach the characteristics of the existing halogen lighting, TDE-Lighttech's Moodspot has been chosen in all three halls of the Bruges Concerthall; for the Studio, the Chamber Music Hall, and in the large Concert Hall. In the Studio and in the Chamber Music Hall, the halogen lamps and reflectors in the existing pendant luminaires have been replaced by dynamic LED sources that give a warmer complexion when they are dimmed, just as the color of a halogen lamp changes gradually to a warm teint while dimming.

We are very proud of this project,says Kris Noerens, Account Manager for Controllux Bvba. 'After all, this is not only the largest concert hall in Belgium, but perhaps also in the most beautiful location.

The customer's request was to realise the transition from halogen to LED lighting without structural modifications and as unobtrusively as possible. This was done by fitting the existing pendant fixtures with an intelligent LED module from TDE and mounting the new recessed LED spotlights in the existing holes from the old spots. With the color progression of the 'old' halogen accurately imitated. In addition to a high color rendering (CRI>90) and an even light projection together with the low glare ensures a high-quality, elegant and pleasant light image. All this contributes to the desire of the Bruges Concert Hall to realise an LED transition that is as unobtrusive as possible while retaining the aesthetic aspects as initially intended by the architect.


Jurjen van Koeveringe – Field engineer for TDE-Lighttech adds:
"The customer's wish was to replace the old lighting installation one-to-one. Challenges such as cable retention and limited installation depth emerged. TDE-Lighttech together with Controllux then made a clear cable plan and solved these challenges professionally.


In total, TDE-Lighttech delivered more than 900 TDE Moodspots (recessed, surface-mounted and suspended luminaires). The lights can be switched on or off via a simple wall-switch, or controlled flexible in groups of per spot individually via DMX, so that the hall lights can be programmed and operated with the existing theater lighting control and merged in with the stage lights.


We are very proud of the result and wish Concertgebouw Brugge lots of fun and beautiful moments with the new lighting installation.


Became curious?  Having questions about this lighting solution? Maybe you are in the market for a hall lighting solution? Or are you facing challenges to add data cables to your existing installation? We can help. Feel free to contact us. We love to talk to you!

(Photo) credits: Andras Pollé - Interlight

the new LED-lighting is elegant and discreet

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