Library Theater Rotterdam

The central library of Rotterdam is located in the striking building near the Rotterdam Blaak train station, and the Rotterdam library has 14 locations in total. With more than 2.4 million visitors a year, the library is the most visited institution of all cultural institutions in the largest port city of the Netherlands. A library with this number of visitors must, of course, have a theater.

The Library theater Rotterdam is one of the first theaters in the Netherlands with a ring line for the hearing impaired. In addition, the theater is fully equipped with LED lighting, which provides a huge improvement in the field of the sustainability of the theater. Movements AV was responsible for this project and enlisted the help of Rolight for the lighting.

For this project, the perfect lighting of the theater and the creation of the right atmosphere in the auditorium was extremely important. Many meters of RGB LED strips and the very popular Moodspot TW2000 have been used for the lighting of the auditorium. TDE-Lighttech’s Moodspot is an intelligent tunable white LED spot that makes it possible to control the color temperature and light intensity independently. The Moodspot has many extensive options and is therefore perfect for creating the right atmosphere. For example, the Moodspot can be programmed to simulate halogen lighting. With the RGB LED strips of TDE-Lighttech, every conceivable color can be achieved. This allows the user to fully adjust the mood in the auditorium.

TDE-Lighttech is pleased with the result and is proud that, with their products, it has been able to help yet another theater to achieve its objectives in creating the right atmosphere. Partly due to Rolight, the result is truly fantastic!


Light installer: Rolight

Photos: Rolight

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