FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre

FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre

FrieslandCampina realised a state-of-the-art Experience Centre, where visitors and employees of FrieslandCampina can try, taste and feel all of its products.

As part of this ambitious project, TDE-lighttech provided several custom made lighting solutions. Placed along each side of an aluminum bar, M4242 modules are embedded in the production wall to guarantee an outstanding colour reproduction of the products on display. To emphasize the work of art “Milk Bubble’’, 79 Castor downlighters are integrated unobtrusively into the base of the Milk Bubble.

Tunable White Moodspots are installed in the general area to create an pleasantly lit environment in which the ambience could be dynamically altered, while along the walls discreetly positioned SignLED modules serve as wall washer and produce a visually even wash of light. 

Realized projects

The unique modular design of LED products gives lighting designers and architects unprecedented flexibility in the implementation of each project. Together with our clients we realized these challenging projects.



Tankval 5
2408 ZC Alphen aan den Rijn
The Netherlands

Phone: +31-(0)20-6973849

Opening hours
Monday till Friday
office hours from 8.00 till 17.00

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