The Zeeuws Museum

The Zeeuws Museum is located inside an old abbey in the center of Middelburg and primarily focuses on sharing Zeeland's heritage with the public. The museum believes that it is important to create a connection between the young generation and the heritage of Zeeland. By working closely together with contemporary designers the Zeeuws Museum is able to bring new context to old ideas and objects. This way it tries to constantly remain relevant to its audience.

For the permanent exhibition "This is Zeeland", the museum reached out to Koehorst in 't Veld, an organization that specializes, among other things, in designing exhibitions. With the help of removable exhibition walls, more space was created for the exhibition objects itself. This way, seven rooms were created, and each was given its own theme.

The various themes play an important role within the exhibition and are supported by the interaction between the exhibition objects, the used materials and the lighting. Beersnielsen Lighting designers faced the challenge of creating a lighting design in which the lighting had to support the various thematic angles and, additionally, the existing materials had to be reused as much as possible.

The existing TL uplighters in the room had to be replaced by 24-Watt LED uplighters. There were two reasons for the replacement: firstly, the shape of the fixtures had to be changed from squares into straight lines, and secondly, the light distribution had to be more equally distributed and the occurrence of interruptions by the lamp bases had to be prevented. It was also important that these specially designed luminaires could be controlled by DALI protocol. For this project, TDE-Lighttech has realized luminaires that meet all of the requirements mentioned above. Thanks to the uplighters from TDE-Lighttech, the rooms and thus the exhibition come into its own.


Photos & exhibition design: Koehorst in 't Veld

Lighting design: Beersnielsen lighting designers

Realized projects

The unique modular design of LED products gives lighting designers and architects unprecedented flexibility in the implementation of each project. Together with our clients we realized these challenging projects.



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