Parc Pavilion Hoge Veluwe

TDE-lighttech has been able to make a crucial contribution to the award-winning chandeliers that determine the atmosphere in the public building of the Hoge Veluwe. It is a very special luminaire that takes the experience of the landscape of the Hoge Veluwe indoors. For this biophilic lighting design Beersniels has won the Darc award for ‘best Bespoke Art’ and the LIT award for ‘best interior architectural illumination’.

With an area of ​​55 square kilometers, the Hoge Veluwe is the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands and attracts more than 600,000 visitors annually. In order to be able receiving this number of visitors, the Park Pavilion was opened in June 2019. The building is an architectural masterpiece and includes an information center, park restaurant, park shop and various meeting rooms that can also be used for educational purposes. One of the most important themes of the building is sustainability, that is why the building has solar panels, a thermal energy storage system and LED lighting.

Beersnielsen has designed and developed chandeliers that made it possible for the visitors of the nature reserve to experience the atmosphere of the nature inside the Park Pavilion. Their wish was to bring the shadows and natural light, as is seen in a forest, into the building. This way visitors of the park can enjoy the soothing feeling of nature for an even longer period of time.

To simulate the light and shades of a forest, TDE-lighttech has supplied LED spots and drivers that are integrated into nine chandeliers. Each chandelier has twenty adjustable and fully dimmable spots with lenses, specially designed brackets and the smallest possible heat sink. The spots illuminate a metal plate with cut-out patterns, creating the desired effect. To control these spots, each chandelier is equipped with five 4-channel IZI link drivers. For functional lighting each chandelier is equipped with four Castor downlights that are controlled by DALI. Each chandelier has a power supply and an IZI link DMX interface that is built into a control box. These control boxes have been removed from sight by placing them in the attic of the pavilion.

Beersnielsen has once again developed a great solution for a special challenge when it comes to lighting. TDE-lighttech is extremely proud that its products offered a solution in the development and the result of these complex chandeliers.


Photos: Stijn Bollaert

Project: Beersnielsen lighting designers

Awards: Darc Award & LIT Award

Winner of both the Darc award for ‘best Bespoke Art’ and the LIT award for ‘best interior architectural illumination’

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