Resurrection Church Houten

The Resurrection Church Houten is part of the Protestant municipality of Houten. This municipality has around 3000 members in Houten and its surrounding area and is part of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. The Protestant municipality of Houten organizes many activities and is supported by more than 600 volunteers.

The church building naturally plays an important role within the municipality, mainly because it is the location for the many activities that they organize. Determining the atmosphere is of great importance in the various activities of the church and lighting is crucial when it comes to creating the right atmosphere. For instance, every church service has its own characteristics and atmosphere. The Resurrection Church Houten participates in the ‘Groene Kerkenactie’ (literally translated as Green Church Action), this initiative enables churches to demonstrate that they are working on a more sustainable church building. By replacing conventional light sources by LED light, this church is well on the way becoming more and more sustainable.

It has already been proven that the Moodspot from TDE-Lighttech is perfect for creating the right atmosphere and is therefore widely used by theaters. Just as with different performances at theaters, every church service needs its own atmosphere. This is exactly why the Resurrection Church Houten has chosen these Moodspots. The Moodspot WD800 from TDE-Lighttech contains warm dimming LED technology, which makes it possible to dim from cold white to warm white light. The color temperature varies between 3000K and 2000K with a CRI of more than 95, this ensures a vivid color reproduction.

Once again, Rolight has completed a project in which lighting from TDE-Lighttech has played an important role. Partly because of the Moodspots, it is now possible to give each church service its own characteristics. TDE-Lighttech is very proud that it has been able to contribute to this great result.

Light installer: Rolight

Photos: Rolight


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