Kieldrecht Lock Antwerp

The newest lock in the port of Antwerp, connecting the Scheldt with the Waasland Canal, has a length of 500 meters, a width 68 meters and a depth of 17.8 meters, making it the largest lock in the world. 22,000 tons of reinforced steel were used to build the lock. For comparison; that is more than three times as much as is used for the construction of the Eiffel Tower.

The lock area of 570 by 270 meters is completely illuminated by the lighting grid. This makes it the largest illuminated lock area in Europe. Together with Beersnielsen Lighting Designers and Verne Architects, TDE-Lighttech has developed a lighting grid that indicates and illuminates the entire lock area.

There are 129 lighting columns, each with 3 LED modules that can each be operated individually. These LED modules are fully customized and specially developed for this project. To make individual controlling possible, each column has a DMX driver and receiver. The biggest challenge was to individually control the LED modules over an area of ​​more than 15 hectares.  

Besides functionality and safety, the lighting grid also has a different function. The lighting grid visualizes the level of water in the lock. A full lock is visualized by three layers of light and a low water level by only one layer of light.

In Belgium, it is compulsory to devote a part of the public works to art. The lighting grid of the lock area is therefore designed as an artwork. A number of pre-programmed 'stories' ensure that the lighting grid can be used in a spectacular way.

TDE-Lighttech is extremely proud of the result. With custom-made solutions, several major challenges have been overcome and the port of Antwerp has gained a beautiful light artwork.


Photos/Video: Beersnielsen Lighting Designers



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