citizenM New York Bowery

All citizenM hotels are located at the best locations, are very sustainable and offer their guests an equal experience for an affordable price anywhere in the world. The hotels are equipped with self-service counters where guests can check in and out themselves, all just within 60 seconds. citizenM is known for its modularly built hotels, this is one of the reasons that they are well able to create similar rooms and offer their guests the same experience in different parts of the world.  The guest rooms are equipped with MoodPads, which guests can use to control the curtains, television, air-conditioning, and lighting.

citizenM New York Bowery has 19 floors, 300 guest rooms and with its 75 meters, it is the tallest modular building in the world. The impressive building is located in one of the oldest streets of New York, located in the Bowery district, within walking distance of Grand Street Station. The front of house areas, which includes a plaza, terrace, rooftop bar, gym, canteenM, coffeeM and a variety of living rooms, is located on the first floor, cellar and top floor.

When it comes to interior design, standardization is one of the most important values of citizenM. Because this was not the first time TDE-Lighttech was involved as a supplier for the citizenM hotels, they were well able to help ensure standardization. With its knowledge, experience and customized solutions, TDE-Lighttech was able to help citizenM creating another beautiful hotel.

Among others, LED modules with a single color and multi color (RGB and tunable white), LED strips, LED downlights and spotlights were the most used products for this project. TDE-Lighttech was also responsible for the installation of custom-made lighting in the front of house areas. The lighting in the front of house areas is controlled by Pharos Architectural Controls, which makes it possible to monitor, control and update the lighting externally. For controlling the lighting in the guest rooms, TDE-Lighttech manufactured and supplied the 24VDC 16-channel LED Drivers. TDE-Lighttech also produced the RFID card readers used for the guest rooms access control system. 

In the United States, deviating requirements and regulations for lighting must be taken into account. This was one of the biggest challenges for TDE-Lighttech during this project. In order to make delivery of lighting products to the American market possible, a lot of TDE-lighttech’s products are cMETus listed.

For the completion of the project, TDE-Lighttech was on site to program all light settings according to the wishes of the end user. This is very important to maintain quality and standardization. With the help of TDE-Lighttech, citizenM has been able to give its thirteenth hotel an appearance that meets high-quality standards.


Photography: citizenM Hotels & Richard Powers​

We have worked with TDE now for a number of years. Their input has been at all times informative, professional and timely in helping us to develop our portfolio of hotels worldwide. Their enthusiasm for our roll out and brand is always welcomed.
citizenM New York Bowery


The unique modular design of LED products gives lighting designers and architects unprecedented flexibility in the implementation of each project. Together with our clients we realized these challenging projects.



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