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The regularity with which citizenM opens new hotels at the most beautiful locations in the world is considered as regular events, while in fact, it is extremely special. Recently citizenM opened its third hotel in London, located in the heart of Shoreditch, one of the most artistic districts of the city. Since the 1990s, this district has been transformed from an underdeveloped area into the most fashionable and artistic part of London. Together with London's EllisMiller, Amsterdam's concrete architects were able to create a special building at the location where a railway viaduct used to stand. The hotel has 216 rooms, a canteenM and living rooms and, in accordance with the citizenM concept, this hotel also has a self-service check-in desk.

In every citizenM hotel, guests can count on a feeling of ‘coming home’, as expected, this hotel is no exception to that rule. The good showers, king-size beds, Moodpads with accompanying entertainment and the special LED lighting once again play a crucial role. With its LED lighting TDE-lighttech is proud to play an important role in this.

The importance of determining the desired atmosphere, and the role the lighting plays in creating it, is not a new thing for TDE-lighttech. The lighting manufacturer has once again supplied the lighting and light control system for the front of house areas and the guest rooms. Single and multicolour (RGB & tunable white) LED modules, LED strips and LED down- and spotlights were used for this project. The lighting in the public areas is controlled with Pharos Architectural Controls. The advantage of this system is that the lighting can be externally monitored, controlled and updated. The lighting in the rooms is controlled by TDE-lighttech's 24VDC 16-channel LED driver. In addition, TDE-lighttech has produced the RFID card reader for access control to the rooms.

We are very proud that we have once again been able to play a role in the establishment of this beautiful hotel. We are absolutely sure that the hotel guests of citizenM will feel at home and enjoy the ambiance of this beautiful hotel.

We are very proud that we have once again been able to play a role in the establishment of this beautiful hotel.

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The unique modular design of LED products gives lighting designers and architects unprecedented flexibility in the implementation of each project. Together with our clients we realized these challenging projects.



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