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In the Netherlands T-Mobile is a major player in the telecom branch. Many people recognize the typical pink "T" in the T-Mobile logo. These pink accents play an important role in the branding of this company and can, therefore, be seen in the 121 stores throughout the Netherlands.

This year all T-Mobile stores will be provided with a new and identical concept in which lighting plays an important role. The transition from conventional lighting to LED lighting will be made in all T-Mobile stores. Lumin Special Projects is responsible for the new lighting in the stores where the switch to LED lighting will be made. In the stores, spotlights and flexible LED strips in the colour magenta are used. Currently, already more than half of all stores have been converted to the new concept.

TDE-lighttech supplies RGB flexible LED strips in combination with LC6 DMX LED drivers for all the T-Mobile stores. These flexible LED strips, with 60 LEDs per meter, are perfectly capable of emitting the desired magenta colour. The RGB flexible LED strips are controlled by 6-channel DMX LED drivers. Specially written software for these drivers ensures that the lighting is always set to the perfect colour ratio so that the recognizable T-Mobile colour comes into its own. Due to the pre-programmed driver settings, the installation works as a stand-alone system and a DMX controller is unnecessary.

TDE-lighttech is proud of its contribution to this major project in which the sustainable transformation of this telecom chain is realized. Thanks to Lumin Special Projects, the result is beautiful, and visitors of the stores can enjoy beautiful lighting.

Photos / Project: Lumin Special Projects

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The unique modular design of LED products gives lighting designers and architects unprecedented flexibility in the implementation of each project. Together with our clients we realized these challenging projects.



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